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International Business Excellence 2017: and the winner is…?

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International Business Excellence 2017: and the winner is…?

I’m gonna tell you a story. You know what? Storytelling is always so cool…!

I recently made a great experience. I have been selected as a judge for the cool International Business Excellence Awards 2017. It’s an awesome event where the judges on each panel are selected to ensure a high level of business expertise. The organization takes care to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and all Judges sign a confidentiality agreement.

So, can you imagine the big responsibility I had, with other judges, to select the best companies and to choose the winners?

This was very exciting and interesting experience. Because we saw and evaluated many companies founded and managed by great guys with great skills. To judge many companies to this level is not so easy, because when you have many excellence and you have to choose who’s the best… and often you would like to choose not only one, but two, three, four, five… or ten. Because every organization has its particularity, its uniqueness. But it’s a competition, and the winner is? Just one.

When we talk about Digital Marketing it’s exactly the same. When you search a product or a service on Google, you see many results: ten, twenty, thirty pages. Where do you go to look for the answer to your needs? On the first page. Do you go to the second? Less. Do you go to the third? No! You stay on the first. And when you are on the first page, there are 10 positions. Where do you look? At the end? No! You look first at the beginning, on the first position. Then you scroll.

So, the first one is the winner. The last one is the looser. It’s a competition.

Do you think the results you see on the Google Search Result Page are there randomly? No. If your website is there it’s because that specific website is considered by Google the best result to reply to your question.

Ah, maybe you could think: “It only depends on Google.” Not at all, it depends on us! If our website is on the last page, on the last position, there are solutions, strategies, recipes and ingredients to know, to be used and to be mixed in order to join the first page, and to climb until we go to the first position. This is an art. Like making pizza!

In my family we have a secret to make the best pizza in the world. My grandfather told my father and he told me: “Please, don’t give the secret to anyone”. But I reveal this secrets during my workshop. Digital Marketing is the same. You can have all the ingredients, but if you mix them randomly or not in a strategic way, you get a scrape. Not a pizza!

Many companies say: “Ah, internet doesn’t work for us! We always tried and we didn’t get customers!” and I ask them: “What were your goals? What did you do? How did you do this? Why did you do that?” “Ah, we don’t know. We just did it.” Ok, this is not a pizza. This is not art. And this is not the best pizza in the world. It’s a crap!

So, if your company wants to be found on Google, for example, in the first page and the first position… what do you have to do? You have to set up a strategy, to know the ingredients, to have the good recipe customized for your business and your market, and apply everything very accurately. If you do this, you will win! If you don’t do this, you will lose.


And the winner is…? Always pizza!

Prof.Christian Farioli About the author

CEO, Digital Marketing Lecturer & Best Selling Book Author. Digital marketing pioneer since 2003, Digital Lecturer for the Digital Marketing Institute, Informa and PwC. He has spoken at more than 130 international conferences, including GOOGLE, NASA & Davos, trained and advised more than 16000 executives in 4 continents, from Armani, Bayer, Jumeirah Burj Al Arab, Etisalat, Huawei, ADNOC, Ferrari, just to name a few. He has formerly worked with Oracle in Italy, Spain and Ireland. He owns several businesses and advise clients on Digital Marketing Strategy, Performance, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics and AI Digital Transformation. After 12 Awards, including Oracle Innovation Award, a Microsoft AI competition, and launching Digital Campaigns for major Banks, Events, Media, Telco, Hospitality, Real Estate, Healthcare and Pharma, his Digital Agency in Dubai has been awarded Agency of the Future. His book become a best seller in just one month.