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My first job was in IT division working for Telecom Italia, the largest Telco in Italy, then I went into sales and I worked in Oracle for five years. I started using my passion for technology to increase sales and one day I realized that this was nothing but Digital Marketing, and I finally named my real passion.

I’m Christian Farioli, a speaker and trainer in digital marketing strategy. I have always been thinking as an IT engineer, solving problems with the idea that if computers can do millions and billions of operations per second, we should use much more than only human resources to sell.
We have to use technology to obtain more results.

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Antony Robbins

Life Coach

Bob Urichuck

Sales Management Leader

Robert Cialdini

The Godfather of Influece

Tony Buzan

Mind Map Inventor


Digital marketing is getting customers using only the computer and internet. Today we have a big challenge to face: Google, Facebook, and every program and social we can think of, one day will disappear for sure. This world is evolving really fast and we need to be prepared and clever enough to use the tools we have to help generate sales and to find a way to use them intelligently. That is why in all these years of working hard, I have started building a method that can really make the difference. It is a concept I came up with six years ago or probably even more and I’m still using it today. Even if major changes happen in the digital world, you should be able to carry on with your strategy. I can tell you that this method is going to work even in ten years’ time. It is a bold statement.


Nowadays Every Company Needs Digital Marketing To Succeed. Start With The Right Foot! Get In Touch With Me, I’m Not Only A Trainer But Also A Digital Marketing Strategist. I Can Help You Changing Your Company in 6 Months’ time.

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