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Boom…! My unique Digital Marketing Method

Digital Marketing Pizza Method

Boom…! My unique Digital Marketing Method

Today I reveal you the first step of my unique Digital Marketing Method. It’s something that no one uses, and I created it during over 20 years as a professional and strategist in Digital Marketing.

Only people, entrepreneurs and managers that participate to my seminars know this in every details. Because during my seminars I go deeper in every strategic element that you’re gonna find here.

But soon… I hope veeeery soon.. you’ll find everything about Christian Farioli Method in a new book. Yes! It will be ready in some months… So even if you can’t participate to one of my workshops or seminars, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and to apply a strategic method that is built with a logical sense.

Because the perspective is to help you reaching your goal, that is: GETTING RESULTS!

Christian Farioli Digital Marketing Method

I often use this chart during my Digital Marketing Training Classes.

1. 3I Principles

My Digital Marketing Method based on three “I” principles. Now I’m gonna explain it better. The three “I” principles I use are these:

  1. Initiate
  2. Iterate
  3. Integrate

Digital Marketing is exactly the full development of a website. Maybe you think that the website finishes when it’s ready. In fact, it’s not! A website is a continuous 360 degrees development. Even when you have finished, you keep seeing what is missing and you add.

We do exactly like this in Digital Marketing. It’s about Initiate, Iterate and Integrate. What does it mean?

2. Framework

I show it many times because we start with the Principles, then with the Framework. The framework is about planning:

  • Visual scheme
  • Digital channels
  • Strategic choices
  • Quality scale

Which strategic choice do we make based on the targeted audience? And about quality scale: some channels are better for some topics and not for others. Which one is the best? This is a strategic step.

3. Tools

Then we go to the Tools. Which tools we are gonna use and use all of them… How do you choose the tools? It’s not about doing things because everyone else is doing it… We don’t need Social Media because everyone else is doing it!

So this helps us going through one direction. We need always to have a goal in mind based and built on costumer goals and business goals.

4. Implementation

Implementation is based on:

  • Customer goals
  • Business goals
  • Applications.

So, when we help our Customers to achieve their own goal then… Boom! We enter.

This has to be our first goal: thinking about them, not just ourselves. What do they need? Which problem do they have to solve? How can we help them?

Then we need to have planned in advance what are our business goals. Not just Social Media because we want to increase the number of Likes! This is not a business goal.

A business goal is always to sell more.


What is important is to have it in an iterating way that, even if we are finished, we plan different strategy, we keep iterating over and over and over. So we can test, mesure, implement, improve. And we reach our goals!

So, would you like to know more about this?

Follow me on my blog and soon you’ll have my book!

Or my… BOOOOOM Book!

Christian Farioli About the author

Speaker and trainer in digital marketing strategy, has always been thinking as an IT engineer, solving problems with the idea that if computer can do millions and billions of operations per second, why are we using only human resource to sell? We have to use technology to make more results.

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