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    Who is Prof.Christian Farioli

    Digital Marketing Lecturer & Best Selling Author

    Prof.Christian Farioli, a speaker and trainer in digital marketing strategy. I have always been thinking as an IT engineer, solving problems with the idea that if computers can do millions and billions of operations per second, we should use much more than only human resources to sell.
    We have to use technology to obtain more results.

    taking Massive action

    Happy Clients

    “Passionate professionals with a strong business background in digital marketing. A lot to learn and even more to be inspired”
    Elena Spei
    Head Of Advertising At Majid Al Futtaim Retail Carrefour
    “Simply brilliant experts in their field.“
    Mohammad Banat
    Technology Manager At Paris Gallery LLC
    “Your background and leadership makes you to view solutions instead of problems. Makes the impossible possible”
    Ali Zeeshan Khan
    Fueling Sales And Marketing Alignment At Informa
    "Christian is a Digital Specialist that is a thought leader in the industry."
    Arlene Luther
    Digital Communications Manager At Pfizer
    "Thank you, it was amazingly insightful. Walked away with a new look on SEO. Thank you."
    Nathalie Garino
    General Manager Sales & Marketing At INFINITI-NISSAN Of AWRostamani
    “Very knowledgeable in the digital field, particularly in PPC.”
    Erieny Sourial
    Assistant Customer Communication Manager