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18 February 2018@ISOC – International School of Communication: Digital Marketing (5 days)

18 February 2018@ISOC – International School of Communication: Digital Marketing (5 days)

A five-day digital marketing seminar – Course outline

Learn how to grow your business with digital promotion.

This digital marketing course focuses on some of the most important aspects of inbound promotion in today’s hi-tech world. When used professionally, digital marketing can accomplish an array of goals – boost brand popularity, increase the customer base and even generate additional revenue. As a marketer, you can choose among dozens of digital promotion strategies. The course will teach you how to pinpoint the best ones and personalise them to address the needs of your specific target audience.

Who should attend

This course takes a deep look at some of the most important digital marketing concepts. It’s suitable for people who have some advertising and business experience, as well the ones who are just getting started. If you’re responsible for implementing the company’s digital strategy, chances are that you’ll learn a lot by attending. Through the course, you’ll learn how to make the most important strategic decisions for your organisation, whether you’re a small business owner or the CMO of a large corporation.

What to expect

Digital marketing is evolving all the time. Learning how to add it to your marketing mix will enable you to experience profound benefits that go beyond a high return on investment and cost-efficiency. This is an intensive course that will highlight many key aspects of digital marketing. From advertising formats to digital displays and search engine marketing, you’ll get a much better grasp of these concepts. The course focuses on active learning, which making it much easier for all participants to internalise new skills.

Learning outcomes

Once you complete the course, you’ll find yourself capable of:

  • Choosing the right digital advertising approach and adding it to your marketing mix
  • Enhancing website traffic and measuring the outcomes of a campaign
  • Choosing the most important tracking metrics to focus on
  • Developing pay per click campaigns
  • Figuring out how to make website traffic much more targeted
  • Enhancing your website’s content and the texts you create for digital marketing campaigns
  • Utilising mobile marketing to make the best possible use of a massive trend


Christian Farioli About the author

Speaker and trainer in digital marketing strategy, has always been thinking as an IT engineer, solving problems with the idea that if computer can do millions and billions of operations per second, why are we using only human resource to sell? We have to use technology to make more results.

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