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Digital Marketing means grabbing the numbers

Digital Marketing means grabbing the numbers

Today I will talk you about numbers, an essential part of Digital Marketing. Why? Because you have to know how the world is changing and what people are doing in your country.

If you find out who the customers are, you put the money there.
And the game is done! (1)

Here you can see live numbers concerning online consumers behavior on Social Media, Mobile, Games, Heritage and more. You will be surprised!



These are the numbers you should look at

These numbers can make more in one minute. When you understand these numbers then there’s nothing that can beat you. One million people… whatever it is. These are the numbers on the platform that are someway, somehow common today.

Some of these are not going to exist in a few years. There is going to be more in a few years. Some of this is going to be purchased by somebody else. Some of this is going to disappear.  But the point is:

Look what the numbers are and then go for it.

Or look what the numbers are in your country because you don’t care about somebody searching for a pizzeria in Miami if your pizzeria is based in Dubai, you want people in Dubai. You see what the numbers in Dubai are and you go for them. This is the idea behind digital marketing. Whatever channel is carrying a lot of people, you want to be there. Not just in one of them but as many as possible.


Grab these numbers is doing Digital Marketing

How do you grab it? Every day. There is no a little book about it. Marketing is a little science, for the last decades, and at the University you study exactly the same. But in Digital Marketing you don’t study at the University. Because it doesn’t even exist at the University Level. It’s so new that it does not exist.  To teach a subject in a University or in a Master you need professors. You need a PhD (a doctorate, an advanced university degree). But just to take a PhD it takes three, four, five years. If somebody starts researching in Digital Marketing today, in 5 years he can be a professor of Digital Marketing. But in five years, he isn’t going to work anymore, because everything is changed. This is why you cannot find university books about Digital Marketing. You find independent trainers, training companies, training facilities like the Digital Marketing Institute.

You have to grab these numbers everyday,
in order to know where people are.
This is Digital Marketing.


Online Purchasing behaviour

So, let’s see some stats about online purchasing behaviour in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East:

  • Almost 50% of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Internet users have made a purchase online in the past
  • 25% would be classed as regular (every month) purchasers
  • Electronics, software, airline tickets and hotel bookings are by far the most popular purchase categories in the UAE and the Middle East countries
  • The vast majority of online spend in the region is spent with international web retailers (non GCC – Gulf Cooperation Council)
  • > 50% of online users in the UAE have made an offline purchase decision based on online research they carried out in advance (B2C and B2B purchases)
  • Limitations with payment gateways has seriously hindered online retail sales in the UAE

Now, the interesting thing about online purchasing behaviour in the Middle East, is that almost 50% of UAE (United Arab Emirates) Internet users have made a purchase online in the past.

So, when they say: “Yeah, but people here… the culture is different… it doesn’t work “ This is what the senior manager uses as an excuse as “I don’t know nothing about digital things, and I’m comfortable to say that “Yeah, but here doesn’t work because here the culture is different”.

What they really think is: “I don’t know, I don’t wanna know, I don’t wanna learn, I don’t wanna do”.  But they prefer to say: “No, here it doesn’t work, because here the culture is different”. If the culture is different or not, it’s not my business.

My business is to state with numbers that 50% of UAE Internet users have made a purchase online in the past. And this happens also in B2B market, ok? Even if you produce valves for Oil & Gas.

This is the reality. Now it’s up to you.

(1) “Il gioco è fatto!”, an Italian expression that means “That’s it!” 😉

Prof.Christian Farioli About the author

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