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With Digital, consumers reveal who they are

With Digital, consumers reveal who they are

Hello guys? How are you? Did you like my posts till now? Sometimes is so naturally for me to ask you questions like this, as you were present at one of my Digital Marketing Training.

Because I like to interact with people and receive feedback. So, please, let me know what you think and comment my blog post. For now, we can interact here, but maybe one day you will be present at one of my seminars in Dubai or somewhere else, ok?

So, today we will see something very interesting about what happens in Digital Market, and then in Digital Marketing. Because the way Consumers move, act, search, evaluate products, services, brands or companies… and finally buy online, is very different from offline.


“In Digital, Consumers reveal who they are. This is the power of Digital Marketing”


What’s the big difference between physical and digital?

The big difference between physical and digital is that you may have some statistics on how many people are passing by every day on a street like Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, where you have put your advertising banner, but in Digital we know by fact who are our customers. In terms of, for example: location, interest, age, what they need, how fast or how urgently they need something and more or less if they have a budget ready for it or not.

How we know that? Because the normal consumer goes into the same path. First, they search something; then they click something; then they either register for updates, or newsletter or they put likes and become a follower etc.  And then, they purchase or not. This is the easy business standard path that every consumer goes through in the digital world.


Let’s see an example:

  1. Search for “Adventure Holiday” > Consumers reveal their location, interest, age
  2. Click on Ad campaign > Consumers reveal specific requirements
  3. Register for updates > Consumers reveal their urgency level
  4. Purchase on site > Consumers reveal their budget


Start with the customer and work backwards

Another concept that comes from the traditional marketing is: Start with the customer and work backwards. What does this mean?

“Market Reality is a better indicator of customer needs than Market Research”


The Market Research starts from Product/Service and go towards Customers through polls, questionaires, history, focus groups, research.

The Market Reality starts from Customer and go towards Product/Service through Search (keyword research tools), Social (listening tools) and Digital (analytical tools).

As an IT engineer I can tell you this: “We plan and build the best product ever. So, if you want to build one of this, we study we plan and we build the most advance thing in the history! Knowing that if it’s the best, automatically it will sell!”

No! That’s a big mistake, because engineers never make money! People who make money are marketing and salesmen. Why is that? Because they know what the customers are ready to pay and buy.


You have to know your customers!

So, the marketing approach is: first research, to know your customers.

For example, do you need a laser pointer to use for you slideshow? OK, which functionality would you like? Do you like with screen or not? One button, two buttons or three buttons? You like with the laser or without laser?

Then they ask the most important question: If I give you all this how much money are you willing to pay? Then you say: 80 dirhams. If I am gonna build the best of this, I need to sell it by 500 dirhams. But even if it is the best possibly, nobody is gonna buy it. But If I am gonna build this as per my marketing research, with the price tag that you guys are happy to pay, I’m gonna sell millions of laser pointers!

This is the marketing approach. In digital, it is even easier because we have an history with our clients, with our statistics and analytics. So we can plan perfectly any product, any service or we can adjust on the way until we find the perfect match with customer needs.


OK? What do you think about this? Let me know. If you comment, I will give you a pizza! I’m joking (just about pizza, not about comments).


Prof.Christian Farioli About the author

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