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Digital marketing is getting customers using only the computer and internet.

Today we have a big challenge to face, Google, Facebook, and every program and social we can think of one day will disappear for sure. This world is really fast and we need to be prepared and clever enough to use the tools to help generate sales and to find a way to use them intelligently.

That’s why in all these years of working I start building a method that can really make the difference.

It’s a concept that I came up with five or six years ago or probably even more and I’m still using it today, even if major changes happen in the digital world you should be able to continue your strategy.

I can tell you this method is going to work even in ten years’ time. It’s a bold statement.

What I noticed was that every company will place at the center of their digital marketing strategy their website. That for me was the biggest mistake ever.

The real thing is that you cannot built your strategy just using one digital tool. You cannot rely on just websites that off course changes and evolve too fast and if something happen, you are out of marketing.

Now there is more: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Plus, every few months there are new things.

If somebody came and said the future is the Pinterest, and few months later this was not true, what do you do? Do you stop your company and you change the strategy upside down? Off course no.

So, this is my WALT$ system