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I’m an Italian speaker and trainer in digital marketing strategy with a long work experience abroad that finally took me in Dubai, where now I live.

I used digital marketing for half of my life, basically using technology tools to help generate sales. One day five or six years ago, I was at the United States in a conference and this word was mentioned. Suddenly I realize I’ve been doing it without any clue, I understand that what I did was digital marketing. This was the most important moment of my professional life: I decided that digital marketing was my passion.

Some months later I participated in an artificial intelligence competition, it was the first time I was speaking in front of an audience explain people what I have been doing all these years. I was the winner, this is was the second important moment of my life, when I realized that I was good in teaching and people understand me.


A good digital marketing strategy is the key to be successful, to be always present in the life of your costumers, to have new leads constantly and increase your profits.

My mission is to teach companies how to make a tasty pizza or in another way of saying how to built the best digital marketing strategy possible.


Today I work for the most important marketing institute in Dubai. Marketing manager, entrepreneurs, top manager of international companies that are taking my courses always said to me: “I thought digital marketing was complicate but you make it funny and easy to learn” .

I think that digital marketing is a visual concept and as a good Italian guy I’m going to simplified with the pizza’s image.
For me, everything starts with pizza!

Pizza is made with different and simple ingredients, it’s very cheap to produce and it’s impossible to make it 100% perfect. Google as well is a set of very different and free tools that changing every few months, it easy to use and you can choose what tools you can make together to built your digital marketing strategy. It’s easy to understand that there should be something more to have a tasty pizza, like a good digital marketing strategy. You need to know how to mix your ingredient and this is why I tell you that digital marketing is a little bit more than just learning a skill. This is the big weakness of the most part of the company today.